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How to Feed Your New Puppy

Your puppy maybe a cute little bundle of joy right now, but in 12 months, your furbaby will have grown into a full-sized adult. Within that time, your puppy’s body and brain will be developing quickly, and you’ll need to make sure they’re eating the right foods to aid that development. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the what, how, where and when of feeding your puppy.

What should you feed?

Specially-formulated puppy foods are usually the best diet to start with for your new puppy. This is because they are designed to be complete and balanced, giving your pooch the essential nutrients they need in their first growth phase. After three months, you will be able to introduce newer foods suitable for growing pups into their diet. 

How much should you feed?

You will need to stick to the feeding guides for any foods you buy for your puppy, as their feeding need swill differ depending on their size. For instance, our Meatiful Sausages feature detailed feeding guides for how much you should be feeding your dog depending on both size and age. Also, make sure that you are not overfeeding your puppy, whether you think their portion doesn’t look big enough or you think your puppy is still hungry and wants more. No matter how much they stare at you with those big puppy dog eyes, they need to stick to their diet and feeding schedule to grow healthy and strong.

Where should you feed?

As your puppy is getting used to new foods and new tastes, they should be in a calm & quiet place to take it all in. That’s why you should feed your puppy in a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Place their food in a clean bowl and serve it on a surface that is easily cleanable, such as a tiled floor or a feeding mat, as your puppy is likely to make a mess while they eat. You should also keep your children away from the puppy while he eats, to avoid him feeling like he has to be protective of his food. This is also true if you have other dogs in the house, which should be fed in another room to avoid fighting and food stealing.

What should you not feed?

As much as they give you that look that makes you want to give them anything they want, you must be aware of what you shouldn’t feed your puppy. Treats are perfectly fine in moderation, but make sure that you aren’t giving them too much. Your puppy must stick to their balanced diet to continue their growth, and too many treats can affect this. This also goes the same for table scraps; the occasional scrap is fine, but too much will have a knock-on effect on their development.