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Our Meatiful Values Explained

It’s important for any brand to have values and stick to them. That’s why Meatiful always works hard to ensure our products are up to high standards. From the best, wholesome ingredients that’ll give your dog the right nutritional value, to ensuring that no unnecessary additives are included, our values ensure we make the best products possible for your furry friends. But why are these values so important to us? Here’s why…

Passionately British, our sausages are produced in Lancashire, England with the finest vet-approved recipes.

Buying and using local produce has become more important to shoppers over the last few years. Nowadays, customers look towards their local farmers and butchers over their local supermarket. This is because locally-sourced foods are healthier for you. They keep more nutrients and naturally ripen better than foods that have travelled over long distances. Buying local produce is also good for the environment, as it reduces fuels used to transport products, and also helps to support local businesses. With all this in mind, why shouldn’t your dog have as much locally-sourced goodness as you? That’s why many of our ingredients are grown and produced locally, with our sausages made from vet-approved recipes.

Easily digestible and contains no wheat dairy or soya – providing a balanced meal for dogs to support tissue growth and repair.

There are a few reasons to avoid putting dairy, wheat and soy ingredients into our Meatiful sausages. Wheat can be a target for allergies, leading to health issues for dogs who are open to the risk of these allergies. Dairy also leads to problems in some dogs, as like humans, dogs can be lactose intolerant. Soy can also affect dogs badly, as they are high in phytic acid, which reduces the digestion of key nutrients. To avoid these risks, we make sure none of our sausages contains any of these ingredients. Our products are made to help provide your pooch with a balanced meal that supports tissue growth and repair.

For those dogs that are meat connoisseurs, each recipe is taste-tested by our in-house food experts to ensure optimum flavour.

This one’s easy; dogs love tasty foods, so we want to give your dog the tastiest food possible! Going into more detail, dogs have one-sixth of the number of taste buds that humans have, so it’s important that those small amounts of taste buds are getting the most mouth-watering flavours possible. It’s also important that dogs are introduced to a wide variety of foods and flavours as early as possible. Dogs that try a variety of foods earlier in life are more likely to try different foods as they get older. That’s why we try to infuse our sausages with as much flavour as possible, adding a particularly delicious taste to your dog’s palette.

100% Natural, 100% Gluten Free, 100% Delicious, with just a small amount of brown rice for an unbeatable source of high fibre and slow-release energy.

There’s no end to the benefits that come from feeding your dog 100% natural foods. Dog foods with high-quality ingredients help build strong immunity and increase vitality, and even older dogs show improved mobility and playfulness when switching to a healthier diet. The protein and anti-oxidants in these ingredients also help fight ailments and illness. They also help your dog with digestion, hydrates their skin and improves their coat condition. This is why our foods only contain the best, most nutritious ingredients available to give your dog all the health benefits possible.

Made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, just 100% natural, mouth-watering flavour.

Artificial colouring and flavouring have become very unpopular over the last few years. Many times, companies do this as a more convenient means of manufacturing, as using artificial preservatives means products have a longer shelf-life, and artificial flavouring helps to mask low-quality ingredients. We aim to give your furry-friend food that provides them with the right nutrition and benefits, and also food that is tasty and delicious. That’s why none of our Meatiful sausages contain any artificial flavours or colours.

Bursting with added vitamins and minerals- guaranteeing our vet-approved recipes are perfect for sensitive stomachs and growing pups!

One of the biggest problems with feeding your dog processed foods is that they don’t contain all the essential vitamins and minerals your canine companion needs. Processed foods tend to lose many of their natural sources and vitamins in production. Therefore, they are less likely to provide your dog with their necessary nutrients. This a key reason why we only use natural, wholesome ingredients in our Meatiful sausages. We want your dog to have the tastiest, most delicious food available, but we also want to improve and maintain your dog’s health. We want to provide them with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals, helping to give your dog a better quality of life.