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Things to Know About Keeping a Dog in the City

Owning a dog in the city isn’t all pawdicures and glamorous strolls down the high streets. Cities are constantly busy and noisy environments, full of funny smells and persistent distractions. All of this can provide owners with a lot of difficulty for keeping a dog in the city. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips and pieces of advice to help you with your pooch’s life in the big city.

Out On the Town

There are several things to keep in mind when taking your dog for a walk in the city. First, you have to always be aware of what’s on the ground that your dog could pick up. There’s always man-made litter on city streets, and you must always keep an eye for your dog trying to eat anything off the floor. Next, you have to consider the busy environment your dog is in. lots of cars, lots of cyclists, lots of absent-minded commuters. That’s why you should keep your dog on a lead at all times when out for a walk, as any sudden loud noise or nearby movement could scare your dog and cause him to react and run away quickly. And then, of course, there’s the potty situation…

The Potty Situation

Training dogs in the city is different from training a suburban or rural dog. However, dogs are adaptable creatures, and city training isn’t impossible. A big challenge you’ll find is that dogs aren’t keen on “going” on the concrete pavement, as they will be used to natural grounds for their private time. But with regular walks and a consistent routine, your dog will get used to doing his business on the pavement, or on a grassy verge nearby.


This one is as much about being a conscientious neighbour as it is about keeping your pooch safe. If you live in a flat with a hard floor, so a dog playing with a hard plastic toy is going to make a lot of noise. This will lead to annoyed and unhappy neighbours complaining about the constant banging. That’s why you should only get your dog plush or rubber toys, which won’t make a noise like harder toys do.

Staying Healthy

As dogs in cities are likely to spend most of their time indoors, they have a tendency to gain weight. As excess weight can lead to issues like arthritis and chronic inflammatory diseases, you must give your dog as much exercise as they need. This will come from regular walks and lengthy sessions of playtime. Also, cities are regularly full of disease-carrying animals like rats and pigeons, so make sure to keep your dog as far away from animals like these as possible.

Safety First

The biggest concern people have about keeping a dog in the city is the potential dangers there are for them in a flat. Probably the biggest fear people have is open windows or unsafe balconies, which is why it’s recommended that you use window screens to keep your dogs from getting through any open windows. And if you absolutely have to leave the flat for an hour or two and leave the dog alone, make sure all your windows and balcony doors are securely shut and locked.