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Weird things dogs eat and the reasons why

All dogs eat things they shouldn’t sometimes, but have you ever wondered why? Read on to find out about the unusual things dogs sometimes consume and what it might mean when they do:


Let’s get the most disgusting one out there straight off the bat. Dogs have been known on occasion to eat their own poo, or the poo of other animals. Even if the thought makes you shudder, it is important that this behaviour isn’t ignored. Sure, some dogs just like the taste of poo but if they start doing this all of a sudden, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue. This behaviour is known as ‘Coprophagia’ and is sometimes an indicator of a deficiency in your dog’s diet. The act of eating the poo could be your pooch’s way of trying to supplement this deficiency, so consult your vet if your dog has suddenly started doing this. Of course, this habit could also be a sign of anxiety or boredom so be sure to clean up your dog’s business as soon as they go to the toilet. 


Many dogs eat grass and in most cases, it isn’t really a cause for concern. Some dogs eat grass when they feel a bit sick and small amounts of grass actually do wonders for their digestive health. However, if your dog has suddenly started behaving like a lawn mower, a trip to the vets may be in order. Once again, eating a lot of grass may be a sign that your pooch has a deficiency in their diet, or that they’re not getting enough fibre. For the most part, eating a bit of grass every now and then is normal but do try to ensure you stay away from using pesticides in your garden, as these can be very harmful to your dog. Sticking to dog-friendly alternatives will help keep the pests away but also ensure your fur baby is safe from harmful chemicals! 


If the bin seems to be your pet’s favourite place to have a good rummage, don’t worry, they’re not alone! With all of the smells and leftover bits of food, it’s no wonder that most dogs would have a root around given the chance. If your dog frequently gets in the bins to eat rubbish, it could just be that they have a larger than life appetite! However, this could also indicate that their nutritional needs aren’t being met and they may need a little bit more food at mealtimes. It can be very dangerous for dogs to consume things out of bins as there are likely a range of things in there that are toxic to our furry friends. Stay vigilant and try to keep your pooch clear of the kitchen bin. 


Another gross one here but it’s just a fact of life; dogs like to eat their own vomit on occasion. When a dog throws up, nine times out of ten it’s because they’ve gobbled up their food too quickly. Once they vomit, your dog may decide that the food still smells pretty good and decide to go in for a second chow down. However, if your dog is sick a while after they’ve eaten, it could indicate an underlying health issue or an intolerance to something in the food. If ever in doubt, consult your vet! 


This one is slightly more rare, but if your pooch likes to have a munch on plastic items, there could be an issue. Many dogs consume empty food packaging made out of plastic or cardboard and this could actually cause a lot of issues internally. They could suffer from a blockage in the intestine or consume chemicals that can be harmful to them. Again, consuming things that aren’t food can be an indicator of a nutritional deficiency so always speak to your vet if you’re concerned. 

Ultimately, the best way to stop your pet from eating things they shouldn’t is to feed them healthy, nutritious pet food. Meatiful sausages are made with the utmost care and really pack a punch when it comes to flavour – just ask our canine connoisseurs who will be sure to bark in agreement!

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