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What Is and Isn’t Ok to Feed Your Dog at Christmas

Christmas is a time for lots and lots of tasty food that you’ll enjoy all season long before the New Year starts and it’s time to make use of that gym membership you forgot about. But while you can enjoy as many seasonal treats as you like at Christmas, several festive foods are unhealthy and unsafe for your dog. So, to help avoid any upset tummies, we’ve put together a list of Christmas foods that are safe to feed your furry friend along with foods that aren’t safe to feed.

Feed – Turkey

While it’s important to make sure that you remove any bones to avoid the risk of your dog choking, your dog can still enjoy the taste of Turkey to keep him on the festive spirit. Cut up pieces of lean, white turkey meat is perfectly fine to feed to your furry friend, however, it’s best to avoid feeding darker Turkey meat or the skin, as they can be too rich for your dog. Meat that doesn’t contain any seasoning is best for your furry friend.

Feed – (Pure) Cranberry Sauce

It’s perfectly fine to put a little cranberry sauce on your dog’s turkey to give him a little extra taste for his Christmas Dinner. However, it’s important that you only give a small amount and that it is pure cranberry sauce, as many store-bought sauces will contain sweeteners and other extras like dried fruits inside.

Feed – Vegetables

Even though they’re no one’s favourite part of the Christmas meal, vegetables are a definite yes for Christmas foods for dogs. Many vegetables are fine to feed to dogs, with corn on the cob and bulb vegetables like onions and leeks being veggies to avoid. Thankfully, vegetables associated with Christmas such as parsnips, Brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and carrot are fine to feed for dogs. It’s also best to cook your dog’s food separately to avoid them eating any extra seasonings that could be unsuitable for them.

Don’t Feed – Gravy

If you’re a northerner, then you’ll know from a lifetime of family meals that gravy makes almost anything taste better. But while it might be good for providing some taste to your dry turkey on Christmas Day, you should avoid feeding it to your dog, as gravy is very high in salt and fat. You should also be sure to never feed your dog any gravy that contains onion, as this can be very unhealthy for them.

Don’t Feed – Mince Pie

A festive favourite for many, mince pies may be a delicious seasonal snack for us humans but they can cause a lot of problems for dogs. Mince pies contain raisins, which are toxic to dogs. Even a small quantity can lead to complications like kidney failure. There are also other additives like sugary coatings that are high in fat and have additives that can be poisonous for dogs.

Don’t Feed – Christmas Pudding

Much of the reason not to feed Christmas Pudding to your dog is the same as mince pies. They both contain fruits like raisins that are toxic to dogs, and both contain a lot of sugar and fat, making them unhealthy for dogs in general. But you must never feed Christmas Pudding to your dog, as some puddings will contain alcohol which is lethal.

Don’t Feed – Stuffing

We explained before how lean white Turkey meat is perfectly fine to feed your dog to help him take part in the festive tradition. However, one tradition that it’s best your dog avoids is the stuffing, as it’s usually made from a mixture of ingredients that are unhealthy for dogs, such as breadcrumbs, onions, spices and herbs.

Don’t Feed – Pigs in Blankets

Let’s be honest, there’s one thing we look forward to at Christmas more than anything; it’s all about the pigs in blankets! This seasonal snack has been a national favourite over the last few years, but your furry friend, unfortunately, can’t enjoy it themselves. With both bacon and sausage being high in salts and fats, these treats will lead to several health problems for your pooch, so it’s best to avoid feeding them.