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What vitamins and minerals do dogs need to stay healthy?

Just like humans, dogs need a nutritious diet to stay fit and healthy. As well as needing a balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates, dogs also need a range of vitamins and minerals. If you want to find out more about your dog’s nutritional requirements and how to ensure you meet them, read on. Meatiful breaks down everything a dog needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

What vitamins does my dog need?

Vitamins perform a wide range of roles within the body. Dogs need them to help them regenerate cells, convert food into energy and support the immune system (which helps keep nasty illnesses at bay). All of the following are essential vitamins that your dog needs:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K

Why do dogs need Vitamin A?

The fat soluble Vitamin A is essential for eye health in dogs. It also helps support growth (so especially important for puppies!), as well as foetal development and immune function. Carrots are well known to be rich in Vitamin A (your parents didn’t tell you to eat your carrots for nothing!). Our Meatiful Salmon & Duck varieties are both packed with tasty carrots. 

Why do dogs need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation and keeps your dog’s brain healthy and sharp. We all know that dogs are miraculous creatures, but did you know that dogs can actually synthesise their own vitamin C? So technically, we don’t need to ensure that dogs are eating food with Vitamin C, as they make their own, but many foods that contain Vitamin C are naturally healthy to dogs.. Green beans have a moderate amount of Vitamin C (it is important not to overdo it, as they do make their own!), so why not opt for our delicious Turkey variety for your pooch? 

Why do dogs need B Vitamins?

Dogs need B Vitamins in order to break down protein and fat. In addition, B Vitamins help convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is essential for maintaining energy levels. Good sources of B Vitamins include organ meat, eggs, leafy greens, beef and some dairy products. 

Why do dogs need Vitamin D?

It’s not only humans that need the sunshine vitamin, dogs do too! The difference is that we can synthesise Vitamin D from the sun, whereas dogs can’t really do this. This is why it’s all the more important to ensure your dog’s diet is rich in Vitamin D. This essential vitamin helps your pooch regulate the balance of calcium and phosphorus. In other words, Vitamin D helps keep your dog’s bones and muscles healthy and strong! The entire Meatiful range is enriched with Vitamin D; click this way to find out more. 

Why do dogs need Vitamin E?

Vitamin E has a range of benefits when it comes to your dog’s health. It’s good for your pooch’s skin and coat and also goes a long way towards keeping their heart, liver, muscles and nerve cell membranes in tip-top condition. Salmon, trout, spinach and eggs are all great sources of Vitamin E for dogs. Here at Meatiful, we always have the nation’s dog’s in mind when we put our recipes together, which is why all the Meatiful range contains a healthy level of Vitamin E. 

Why do dogs need Vitamin K?

Not sure what Vitamin K does and why your dog needs it? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that promotes the synthesis of coagulation proteins…in plain english that simply means it helps blood clot! Green, leafy vegetables are generally a great source of Vitamin K for dogs- once again our Turkey & Green Bean option is a great option for your pooch if you want to help them maintain their Vitamin K levels.

Ultimately, while the majority of pet food manufacturers take time to understand all the vitamin requirements of dogs, it is still crucial you’re checking labels regularly in order to ensure your dog gets everything he/she needs. Ensuring your dog gets all the vitamins and minerals they need is a great way to promote their overall health and well-being.

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